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January 26, 2021 by

Social Justice Strategies •

Longtime activists Rabbis Susan Talve of St. Louis, Missouri, and Ariel Stone, of Portland,
Oregon, talk about strategies for social justice work, which, they emphasize, is a
marathon, a movement, and not a sprint. Citing Moses, who led the people of Israel out of Egypt, Talve says movements are messy and full of challenges. Take measures to be safe, bring a buddy, be an ally, show up and hold space for others, consider your different roles as individual clergy and as a congregational leader. The two rabbis’ conversation, held in anticipation of the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. election and the social justice work they anticipate will be needed, was recorded by T’ruah, the Rabbinic Call for Human Rights.


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October 4, 2018 by

Pharaoh’s Family Separation Policy: A Midrash

This midrash was written in a wonderful class taught by Sabrina Sojourner at the National Havurah Institute in July 2018.  We had just gotten home from a trip, organized by the American Federation of Teachers to include religious leaders, teachers, and activists to Tornillo, Texas, on the border between El Paso and Mexico, where children, separated from their parents after crossing the border, were being held by our government.

From “locals” who live in El Paso, we were told that in Tornillo, where our government has just shipped thousands of migrant children to tent cities in the dark of night along with the detention center that has housed “kidnapped” children for months now, the drinking water is tainted, much like the water in Flint, MI. As Michael Moore said in his movie Fahrenheit 11/9, that’s one way to get rid of people you don’t want in your country…

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