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In this issue: Israeli artists talk (in Hebrew; we translate) about making waves making art in NYC. How contemporary Ethiopian Jewish women’s isolating menstrual rituals persist.  An Orthodox feminist bride rents a modest wedding dress; her hip friend comes along.  Two sisters undo Ellis Island to reclaim their once-too-Jewish family name.  Unlikely, but true: a tween yeshiva girl drug addict.

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Too Jewish? Changing The Family Name

by Sarah Flint Erdreich

Schoenburg-becomes-Belmont was only the beginning. What got lost when families hid their Jewish-sounding monikers? On a mission of reclamation, Erdreich and her sister change theirs back.

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Jewish Magic Protected My Sister

by Sondra Levenson

Surprisingly, amulets and holy books can actually ward off bad outcomes, but not the ones you’d anticipate.

How Does A Modern Orthodox Feminist Get Married?

as told to Melanie Weiss, illustrations by Ilene Beckerman

In her own words, a young woman on the brink of the big day reflects on how struggling over just a quarter-inch of the neckline of her wedding dress makes her who she is.

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The Anti-Zen of Grandma

fiction by Nina Gaby; illustration by Frances Jetter

To begin with, my mother was a marinater. To those of you who have no idea what the process of marinating entails or why I would utilize this as a definitive attribute, let me explain.

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Blanche Runningbear

poetry by Nikki Stiller

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A Tween Addict in Recovery

by “Sara”

The Unlikely Addict: A Tween Yeshiva Girl

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