In this issue: For Sukkot, 7 eco-revolutionaries—farmer, lawyer, veggie pioneer, and more—tell what they’re doing, and why you can too. An unhappy Hasidic bride leaves herself behind at the huppah. Mother and daughter on wearing tfillin. The Israeli army in a feminist comic. And an egg matchmaker for infertile women.

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First Frissons of Feminism

by Anne Lapidus Lerner and by Rahel Lerner

You’ve seen the Frédéric Brenner photograph. Now catch a mother-daughter pair telling how they got into it.

With This Wedding, I Leave Myself Behind

by Leah Lax

Walk with Lax down the aisle. She recounts how she became a bride: numb to the core, observing in minute detail the joy around her that she cannot reach.

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fiction by Michal Govrin

The award-winning Israeli novelist re-visions Jerusalem.

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Jewish Women’s Salons

Bring Back The Power of Conversation

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Eco-Ushpizin: Women Take On The Environment

by Rabbi Susan Schnur

Meet an activist farmer, a veggie pioneer, a legal eagle and more. In the spirit of Sukkot, Lilith revisits the idea of Ushpizin—honored guests for the holiday. Find out what these inspirational women are doing, and what you can do, too.

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Divided Loyalty

by Shulamit Falik

Why a Brooklyn girl of the 60's jubilantly smuggles Herman Hesse into her parents' Orthodox home.

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First Rosh Hashanah

poetry by Barbara White

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The Fast

poetry by Sarah Antine

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by Miriam Libicki

A true-life comic about a young and lonely American in the Israeli army.

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