In this issue: FOOD!  Gender and Judaism in seven stories of gluttony, ethnicity, sensuality, guilt, love, shame, power, and delight. Black and Jewish, with a family secret. A woman honors her dead mother by throwing a clothes-a-thon shiva.  Young Latina Jews in New York dish about sex roles in a macho culture, and more.

Lacey Schwartz Outside the Box

Susan Weidman Schneider interviews Lacey Schwartz

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Food for Thought

7 pages on sensuality, humor, guilt, love, shame, power, memory, gluttony and delight

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Pri Chadash*

by Darya Mattes, paintings by Dina Toledano

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potery by Sonya Ardan

This year's winner of the Charlotte Newberger Poetry Prize

Remembering Mom & The Siegel Shop: Hartford, Connecticut

by Jane Matlaw as told to Susan Schnur, illustration by Ilene Beckerman

Another in the Lilith series on rituals Judaism forgot to provide for us, so we're doing it ourselves. Matlaw remembers-and honors-her late mother by doing what her mom did best: dressing others so they looked terrific. How mom's taste lives on after her.

“Where Do I Belong?”

Latin-American Jewish women in their 20s and 30s talk frankly about stereotypes and their own take on life, love and the pursuit of happiness — in either hemisphere. Amy Greenstein, Rachel Kranson and Melanie Weiss are the hosts. 

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The Breast Cancer Monologues: A Play

by Nadia Maccabee

A rabbi counsels a congregant. A daughter mulls whether she should get tested for the BrCa gene. An ultra-Orthodox mother now has nothing to hide under her wig. Here, a medical student dramatizes the feelings that follow diagnosis.

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The Front of the Bus

by Fraidy Reiss

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