In this issue: How do women define what’s sacred? In part with idiosyncratic and deeply personal prayer shawls. Lilith turns 30 and asks 30-year-olds what worries them right now.“Best Friends” – a ritual Judaism forgot to create for us. Be fruitful – but graduate! The tensions for young religious college students. Bat mitzvahs, birthmothers, and bombings are on the minds of girls.

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At 30…

We asked women born the year Lilith launched to tell us what they worry about now. Jordie Gerson, Emily Mazo, Rachel Kranson, Margaret Gelbwasser, Lauren Antler, Raquel L. Lieberman, Talia Cohen, Rabbi Amber Powers and Janel Moses respond.

Clashing Expectations

by Elana Maryles Sztokman

A professor exhorts her young religious students who are mothers to put themselves first, for once.

50 Years and Counting

by Simone Ellin

"Best Friends"—a ritual Judaism forgot to create for us.

Kaddish Keeper

by Merri Rosenberg

In which the author wonders how she ended up with all those candles on her stove.

How Do Women Define the Sacred?

by Rabbi Susan Schnur with Anna Schnur-Fishman

A slew of insights into a different kind of holiness through the bold, idiosyncratic and deeply personal prayer shawls women are creating for themselves. Additional first person stories by Ilana Kurshan, Marcia Talmage Schneider, Rena Olshansky, Anna Kolodner and Marcia Goggin.

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Learning French

fiction by Roberta Israeloff

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Bat Mitzvahs, Birthmothers, Bombings

by Naomi Danis

Meet five fresh novelists you'll love: Meg Rosoff, Dana Reinhardt, Brenda Ferber, Carolyn Mackler and Lisa Ann Sandell.

“Cancer Made Me a Shallower Person”

by Miriam Engelberg

A memoir in comics by Miriam Engelberg

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