In this issue: Why female reporters provide a different lens on news from Israel. Words can hurt: verbal trauma from an abusive spouse. An intimate conversation on looking for romance later in life. Meet Hebrew poet Lea Goldberg. Read this year’s winner of the annual Lilith fiction contest. Rabbis’ wives—plenty is changing.

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Words Can Hurt

by Karen Propp

Victims of verbal abuse from a spouse suffer many of the same traumas as survivors of physical violence. Are Jewish men-so verbally adept-likey to use words as their weapons of choice?

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Readers Respond

Interfaith marriages and kids, treating violence in Jewish families, and why Israel feels less "plastic" than America

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Lea Goldberg

by Ilana Kurshan

Meet the poet whose Hebrew verse-and a spooky play-have been thrilling readers for decades. Now we can savor her writing in English, too.

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fiction by Elizabeth Edelglass

This year's winner of the annual Lilith fiction contest

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Through a Different Lens

by Helen Schary Motro

We've often thought the words and images from women journalists in Israel seem rich in details of daily life we don't get in standard-issue battlefront reporting. Tel Aviv based Motro asks them why

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Single and Looking for (Late) Romance (Maybe)

by Susan H. Barocas

Lilith eavesdrops on a frank evening when single Jewish women talk among themselves, moderated by Susan Barocas. Plus…a tale of true love found, the perils and pleasures of internet dating, and Sandee Brawarsky on her book How to Meet a Man as Smart as You.

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Rabbis’ Wives: Then and Now

by Shuly Rubin Schwartz

Rebbetzin redux

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