In this issue: Jewish women’s salons: Making a revolution, right in your living room. How one courageous bubbe defied the bosses and saved striking Kentucky coal mines. Raising the vulva consciousness and why even fearless Jewish women have trouble saying it. A growing cadre of Jewish mothers with autistic kids bond in the Midwest.

The Power of Jewish Women’s Conversation

Susan Weidman Schneider

How to make a revolution, right in your own living room. 

9,000 Dishes, 120 Seders, 60 Years -Hey! I Could get into this

by Barbara M. Stock

After her divorce, she still wants a man to lead the seder. Find out what changed her mind. We follow Stock through heartbreak, outrage and, finally, to gleeful power when she takes the reins herself. Plus...Rabbi Susan Schnur's clues for making your seders even more satisfying next year.

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poetry by Sarah Antine

Kentucky Coal Mine Bubbe

by Maya Bernstein

How one courageous woman saved the strikers and defied the bosses, 75 years ago.

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Why I became an English Professor

by Michelle Ephraim

For a child of Holocaust survivors, Shakespeare is a refuge

Working the Mikveh

fiction by Amy Gottlieb

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Leni Sonnenfeld’s Pictures

by Barbara Gingold

Even in her 90s, her clear eye made Sonnenfeld the photographer of record for the humble poignancies of Jewish life around the world.

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Speaking the Unspeakable

by Harriet Lerner

Even fearless Jewish women have trouble saying it! Surprising findings from the bestselling psychologist.

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Autism Moms

by Cynthia R. Harp

In a city in the Midwest, a growing cadre of Jewish moms bond. They have special-needs kids and a special Jewish community. Illustrations by Israeli artists--children and adults--with autism.

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G-ma and Me

by Elizabeth S. Bennett

Real estate, so cruel to so many, hands Bennett a new relationship when her engagement breaks off.

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