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In this issue: Girls and women who flee the Hasidic world: why is this so hard? Jewish women’s breast cancer fears. Meet Eve Ensler and a crop of new activists. A fabric artist who makes memory quilts from her parent’s clothes. Israel: A “Birthright” Diary. Giving up a pulpit for politics—on Chicago’s mean streets.

Leaving the Hasidic World

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by David Holzel

Jennifer Traig wanted to be a good Jewish girl. Her religious convictions were hijacked by her compulsions.

Genetics & Breast Cancer

by Shala Erlich

Erlich, a physician, introduces us to "pre-vivors," young women wrestling with a family legacy they never expected.

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For This I Went to Rabbinical School

by Jill Jacobs

Foregoing a pulpit for political work on Chicago’s mean streets.

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fiction by Karen Paul-Stern

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Charlotte Newberger Poetry Contest

  • Preparing for Yom Kippur poetry by Mel Patrell Furman
  • Landlord to such a Multitude poetry by Sue Swartz
  • Things My Mother Gave Me poetry by Jennifer Bloustine
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Israel: A Birthright Diary

by Miriam Stone

On returning from Israel, I find myself committed to stand firmly...exactly where I had been before

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Joseph’s Niece

by Howard Schwartz

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The Memory Quilt

by Louise Silk

Why a fabric artist cut up all her parents’ clothes.

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