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In this issue: Unbelievable! Teen girls who like their bodies? After having her own baby, an egg donor revisits the decision to donate her eggs years before. Eighteen authors confess to feeling marginal: the refugee, the girl too smart, the gay boy who played with dolls, the creative outcast–they’re all here.

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A Good Egg: A Donor’s Story

by "Rebecca Greenberg" as told to Esther D. Kustanowitz

She just gave birth to her own child. Now a Jewish woman who years ago donated her eggs to an infertile couple looks back on her extraordinary choice.

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fiction by Ann Shaftel

A short story about the inquisition and its aftermath

Teenage Girls Who Like Their Bodies? Get Out!!

by Anna Schnur-Fishman

What this Jewish summer camp offers--common showers--brings unintended lessons, including the body-equalizing revelations most women experience only in a Loehmann's dressing room. And Joan Jacobs Brumberg talks to Ilana Kramer about female appearance and anxiety.

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Writing from the Outside

by Naomi Danis

Our annual spotlight on books for young readers asks 18 writers to confess. The refugee, the girl too smart, the gay boy who played with dolls, the creative outcast--they're all her, given voice by Lore Segal, Michelle Edwards, Barbara Feinberg, Deborah Heiligman, Francine Klagsbrun, Sylvie Weil, Miriam Stone, Etgar Keret, Ellen Kushner, James Howe, Susan Goldman Rubin, Emily Nussbaum, Pnina Moed Kass, Carol Snyder, Susie Morgenstern, Galila Ron-Feder-Amit, Rebecca Alban Hoffberger and Kathy Walden Kaplan.

  • An Indigestible Childhood by Lore Segal
  • A Jew Amid the Alien Corn by Michelle Edwards
  • The Hobo Book Exchange by Barbara Feinberg
  • Politics Make her a Stranger by Deborah Heiligman
  • The Shame of Being Smart by Francine Klagsbrun
  • Inventing Rashi's Granddaughter by Sylvie Weil
  • Writing to Become Whole by Miriam Stone
  • Growing Up Weird by Ellen Kushner
  • Different from Other Boys by James Howe
  • Uptown Jews, Downtown Jews by Susan Goldman Rubin
  • At Last! I Didn't Belong! by Emily Nussbaum
  • What Would Be Sufficient? by Pnina Moed Kass
  • Chicken? by Carol Snyder
  • My Country is Judaism by Susie Morgenstern
  • An Israeli Foster Mother by Galila Ron-Feder-Amit
  • In Favor of Outsiderhood by Rebecca Alban Hoffberger
  • An Adult Can Be Your Best Friend by Kathy Walden Kaplan
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Why We’re not Getting Married

by Martha Ackelsberg and Judith Plaskow

These Jewish lesbian academic activists resist wedded coupledom, for very good reasons.

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