In this issue: “It’s not sex,” say teen girls about oral sex on the bus at bar and bat mitzvah parties. A chef returns to her Syrian clan via meatballs with cherries; the recipe comes too! Irshad Manji, Muslim lesbian feminist, speaks out about Islamic terror against women. Humanizing medical care by writing a patient’s story.

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Why Write a Patient’s Life as a Short Story?

by Julie Heifetz

After helping Holocaust survivors tell their stories, Julie Heifetz knew she could humanize healthcare if only doctors knew the narrative of the person walking into the examining room.

They Say “It’s Not Sex”

by Susan Weidman Schneider

But experts call it "an oral sex epidemic." What do Jewish teen girls think is really going on?

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Confessions of an Aguna Activist

by C. Devora Hammer

A longtime advocate for the rights of women struggling to free themselves from a Jewish marriage, Hammer warns of what happens to many women after that freedom comes.

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Sunken Meadow

fiction by Roberta Israeloff

A short story by Roberta Israeloff about the scary games survivors’ children play.

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Allspice in the Family

by Dina Cheney

Ashkenazi Jews may think that the same flavors and aromas waft in nostalgia for all Jews. Not so. Our informant, a professional cook and an outlying member of a close Syrian clan returns to the center through meatballs with cherries. The recipe comes along too!

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The Grandmother in the Mental Hospital

poetry by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg

for Molly Prusak

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by Karen Propp

Spies, Terrorist Hunters, and an Uneasy Reporter try to decode the Middle East

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The Trouble with Islam

by Irshad Manji

A Canadian Muslim lesbian feminist activist born in Africa is the bold (and brash) voice speaking out on how to deal with Muslim texts and terrors against Jews, women, gays and "infidels."

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Photograph in Krakow

poetry by Elaine Zimmerman

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The ABC of Vice

by Nicole Hollander and Regina Barreea

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