In this issue: How the right-to-life movement threatens Jewish women’s rights. Serving coffee, not their country–what women really do in the Israeli army now. Copenhagen: the U.N. conference on women and its horrifying anti-Semitism. Stories of independent, working women in the early 1900s. A Voice from the Sweatshop: an excerpt from the diary of activist Rose Pastor Stokes, girl laborer.

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The Jewish Stake in Abortion Rights

by Annette Daum

No Jew would be able to adhere to Jewish law on abortion, which allows the termination of pregnancies under varying circumstances, if the right-wing assault on freedom of choice and on the Constitution is allowed to succeed.

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Poems About Women’s Bodies

by Janet Ruth Heller and Doris Wight

  • Nidah (The Menstruant) poetry by Janet Ruth Heller
  • No More Rachels poetry by Janet Ruth Heller
  • The Daughter that Fearing Fathers poetry by Doris Wight
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Working Daughters

by Sydney Stahl Weinberg

Jewish immigrant women and their parents viewed their jobs as a rite-of-passage into adulthood, and so did their parents.

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Voice from the Sweatshop

by Rose Pastor Stokes

From the unpublished autobiography of the early 20th century radical.

Women in the Israeli Army

by Susan Weidnian Schneider

Shuli Eshel’s documentary "TO BE A WOMAN SOLDIER" shows what Israeli women really do in the army: serve coffee, not their country. An interview by Susan Weidman Schneider.

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Copenhagen: One Year Later

by "Regina Schreiber"

Jewish women who attended last year’s United Nations Mid-Decade Conference on Women finally begin to deal with their traumatizing anti-Semitic experience—-and its significance for feminism.

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The Picture

fiction by Cathy Steinhauer

A short story about a child of Holocaust survivors 

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by Peggy Tishman

Introducing a new column – a platform for opinion by Jewish women on issues of the day.

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