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Share the fun of the 70-, 80- and 90-something women gathering in Miami for the last days of the Lido Spa.  A new contract that actually celebrates your Jewish marriage.  Still! Sexism in science 50 years after Rosalind Franklin helped discover DNA. Great poetry, and Lilith’s fiction contest winner.

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7 AM at the Western Wall

poetry by Yiskah Rosenfeld

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Credit for Demystifying DNA Denies One Woman’s Role

by Esther Braun Sparberg

Scientist Esther Braun Sparberg on sexism in science, 50 years after Rosalind Franklin helped discover DNA.

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The Time of their Lives

by Joan Roth

Roth’s peripatetic camera invited us to share the fun of the seventy-, eighty-, and ninety-something women gathering in Miami for the last days of the Lido spa.

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Triangle Factory

poetry by Arielle Greenberg

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My Grandmother’s Song

poetry by Marge Piercy

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by Shai Cherry

Brides, beware! Don’t frame that wedding contract! Your ketubah spells out the terms for ending a marriage, not celebrating it. Plus...Karen Propp navigates through the tsunami of new books about the institution of marriage.

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Who Was Wise

fiction by Diana Cohen Conway

Winner of Lilith's fiction contest.

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Journey Out of Europe

poetry by Michelle Cameron

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Strange Family

poetry by Laura Bernstein

Moving on

by Lori Lefkovitz

When we recite the Yizkor memorial service, we’re really paying attention to our own tiny, ephemeral moment in history.

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Healing Through the Dark Emotions

by Miriam Greenspan

Self-help instructions to stifle rage, terror and sadness deny us the chance to survive these feelings robustly. A psychotherapist hints at what we can garner from the gloom.

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Guiding Spirits

by Malka Drucker

Self-styled Jewish Witch Starhawk, Rabbi Laura Geller, Jewish Buddhist Sylvia Boorstein and the singer/songwriter/Pied Piper Debbie Friedman.

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Rabbi Julie, Take One

by Julie Pelc

A 26-year-old rabbinical student faces the facts.  She's young.  She's inexperienced.  She can't figure out how to dress the part.  But she's gotta be the Rabbi (that's with a capital "R") anyway.

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