In this issue: Women appropriating the power of prayer when burying the baby’s placenta, nursing in shul, putting on tfillin. “Mean girls:” why Jewish girls may be especially implicated.  The stay-at-work mom tells all. A feminist roundup of kid’s books that tell bad news to children. “Set to Rise”—a floury memoir.

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The Mean Scene

by Rachel Blustain

Is the "mean girls" brouhaha a backlash against feminism? A look at why the girl-blaming is happening now and why Jewish girls may be especially implicated. Plus…how summer camp can hurt or help.

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Set to Rise

by Lisa Beatman

A floury memoir 

The Stay-at-Work Mom

by C. Devora Hammer

True confessions from an executive woman who sets the bar very high, finds her husband can’t scale it, and makes other arrangements.

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These are unexpected takes on life’s sacred moments, solitary and surprising.

How Books Tell the World’s Bad News to Children

One year after 9/11 and two years into the Intifada, Jane Yolen, Lemony Snicket's editor, Julius Lester, Leslea Newman and a host of other children’s book authors and experts reveal how they frame reality—and fantasy—for kids now.

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Reconstructionist Study Group

poertry by Judith Strasser

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