In this issue: Hyphenates attract! Does that mean 4 last names per couple? Jewish female identity in the Diaspora: Greece, Baghdadi Jews in India, Bombay’s Bene Israel women, Latin American Jewish women, Mexican brides-to-be and immigrants to America from the former Soviet Union.  The Halakhic skinny on piercing and tattoos; why a belly-button ring at 40? Class and privilege in the Jewish world. 

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A Nose Ring of Her Own

by Rachel Kranson

Our foremother Rebekah was given one at the well.

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Jewish Women Modified: The Halachic Skinny on Piercing and Tattoos

by Charlotte Honigman-Smith

What Jewish law says about body art.

When My Kid Got a Tattoo

by Roberta Israeloff

A Jewish mother finds herself reluctantly proud.

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Belly-Button Bliss Pierced at 40!

by Angela Himsel

One woman repossesses her body.

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Homeland / Diaspora

The Wedding Photographer’s Assistant

fiction by Ilana Stanger

Wedding pictures are always the same…aren’t they?

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From Privilege to Poverty… What I Learned in the Move

by Erica Katske

Erika Katske speaks out on class and privilege in the Jewish world.

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Is the Hope for Peace a Delusion?

by Laura Blumenfeld

In Jerusalem, a crackerjack journalist attempts to get one man—the Palestinian who tried to murder her father—to say he is sorry.

The Groom

fiction by Amy Koppelman

A best friend’s adultery.

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poetry by Yiskah (Jessica) Rosenfeld

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poetry by Bonnie Lyons

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Hyphenates Attract

by Zachary Pelta-Heller

Growing up with a hyphenated last name, his parents’ feminist principles are now his own. The dilemma is obvious: his girlfriend is also a hyphenate. A true story.

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