In this issue: Jewish women’s eggs area hot commodity on the IVF market; the risks and reproductive possibilities. Single, Jewish & female in the internet age.  How to get past male ideas of forgiveness. The winner of Lilith’s first annual fiction contest. Turning breast self-examination into a ritual. A feminist take on books for young readers.

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To be Single and Jewish and Female in the Internet Age

by Rebecca Metzger

Sex in the Jewish City; Lilith takes you to the frontlines of the Jewish dating scene, telling you how to be safe, savvy and successful as a SJF.

Beyond Forgiveness

by Rabbi Susan Schnur

Can we free ourselves from a model meant for men? During the penitential High Holiday season, can we learn how to get beyond the binary, male construct of "forgiving" vs "not forgiving"? Lilith’s Editor at Large teaches us that shleymut (a spiritual and emotional wholeness), not simpleminded forgiveness, will emancipate us from our hurts. Plus—a new book and two remarkable films to illuminate our thinking.

Jewish Woman’s Eggs

by Susan Weidman Schneider

Ads in college papers invite Jewish women to become egg donors—for compensation up to $50,000! Turns out that infertile Jewish women are looking for eggs from younger versions of themselves. Lilith’s Editor in Chief explores the assumptions behind the ads, the risks to young women and the complex emotions generated by new reproductive possibilities. Plus Eleanor J. Bader on buying and selling: the metaphors of assisted reproduction.

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The Things We Do

fiction by Rachel Hall

In celebration of our 25th anniversary LILITH sponsored its first Jewish feminist fiction contest.  We called for "vibrant, compelling, original stories with heart, soul and chutzpah."  This short story is the first prize winner.  LILITH's editors are grateful for the support provided by Joyce Elsa Goodman, which made possible the publication of this outstanding piece of original fiction.

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My Mother’s Face

poetry by Cassandra Sagan

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How to find the Big Dipper And The North Star

poetry by Sandy Supowit

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