In this issue: Jewish women’s breasts! (A whole special section takes a forthright look at breast reduction, that bra-buying expedition and more). One Jewish mother talks about her gay son.  What should we know about the Queen of Sheba and her fuzzy legs?  Worrying as a second-shift job of every Jewish woman. A new short story from Bee Season’s Myla Goldberg.

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The Queen of Sheba’s Fuzzy Legs

by Rachel Kranson

What is a Jewish feminist’s relationship to the Q of S? She has a lot to teach us, and it’s not just about how to seduce a famous king.

Jewish Mothers & Gay Sons

by Sarah Epstein*

What to say and do when you find out your son is gay? One woman knew all along; she clues others in to what in the Jewish world has been good for her son, what hasn’t, and what shrinks and books have been helpful.

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Let’s Talk About Breasts

From breast reduction surgery to the minimizer bra, Lilith takes a forthright look at Jewish women with big breasts. 

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Is Worrying a Jewish Woman’s Second-Shift Job?

by Susan Schnur

Rabbi Susan Schnur introduces us to this exquisite preoccupation.

  • The Anatomy of Worry by Jane Bernstein
  • Always Buy Gold by Ellen R. Portnoy
  • Looking Away by Sharon Levy
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In Every Girls Heart

fiction by Myla Goldberg

The author of the buzz novel Bee Season bores a peep-hole into an all girls summer camp.

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poetry by Donna Kaz

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Big Horn Passover

by Donna Kaz

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