In this issue: Sex and shame in a different era: Jewish women who relinquished their babies for adoption. Roseanne Barr meets the baby she gave up.  Women with PhDs, and their mothers. Barbra Streisand becomes a metaphor. Jewish feminists rally for tolerance in Warsaw.  A girl’s nursing home Bat Mitzvah.

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Jewish Women Take to the Streets

Strikes (MOMA and sex workers).  Lori Berenson.  Our sisters taking on Washington.  It looks like a new dawn for Jewish women activists.  

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Warsaw Diary: Democracy in the Balance

by Shana Penn

Warsaw is seeing a backlash of anti-Semitism and anti-feminism. Here, meet some of the outspoken Jewish women leading the charge for tolerance. 

“God Has Many Messengers”

by Anna Schnur-Fishman

A wise-for-her-age 13-year-old holds her bat mitzvah in a nursing home, where the elders help her deal with loss and change. She has some great ideas for them, too.

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Jewish Chicken Soup

poetry by Emma Rosenthal

Women with Ph.D.’s and Their Mothers

by Charlotte Margolis Goodman

Which is more valued: a clean house or a completed dissertation? The balabusta or the professor? Two generations of women discuss the tensions.

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Andrea Adds

by Andrea Goodman Hansell

A daughter's perspective

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The Myth of La Streisand

by Rachel Kranson

Have you ever been told you look just like Barbara Streisand?  She's been the metaphor for so many things Jewish and female.  As she retires, a scholar/fan reflects on the myth.

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I Buy a New Dress

by Elaine Winer

How a whole lifetime can be signaled in a single garment.

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