In this issue: “Husband of Valor:” laugh out loud this Purim. Feminists in the pulpit show how to diversify your synagogue.  A new law protects women from sex trafficking in Israel. A natural history of divorce. Lillian’s Hellman’s film classic, “Julia.” The mitzvah of preparing a friend’s body for the grave.

When Jewish Women Care for Others

by Susan Weidman Schneider

New legal, social and very personal issues come into play. Here’s some guidance.

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It Helps to Be a Feminist

by Sarah Blustain

If you’re a rabbi trying to open up your synagogue to Jews with diverse needs, feminist forbears in the pulpit (or on the ground) show how to succeed at changemaking.

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“Let My Husband Die”

by Ann Moliver Ruben

The author's beloved husband was raced to the hospital after a stroke; why did she try, and fail, to let him die? Here, also, a prayer if you have to remove life support from a parent, a poem by Sharon Olds, and clues to choosing someone to make health-care decisions for you.

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Equality Soldiers on in Israel

by Helen Schary Motro

The Knesset passes three revolutionary laws protecting women from sex trafficking, discrimination and harassment...And in New York, women are "honored" at the Israeli consulate.

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A Husband of Valor

poetry by Susan Ellman

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A Natural History of Divorce

by Judyth Har Even

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My First Aliyah

by Marianne Langner Zeitlin

Wherein a grown woman caught without a hankie in the web of her own memories, cries her eyes out. 

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Still Life with Poodles

fiction by Valerie Ann Leff

A short story about the single life

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poetry by Irene Simon Sipos

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Julia Revisited

by Bonnie J. Morris

Coming out as a Jew and a lesbian watching Lillian Hellman's classic story on the big screen

Ties That Bind

by Michelle Friedman

A psychiatrist joins the chevra kadisha and finds herself preparing a friend's body for the grave.

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