In this issue: A Lilith survey asks: How liberated is your home life?  Eldercare: frank talk about caregiving from a feminist widow and a youngest daughter. Persian Jewish girls in the U.S. fight the purity standards and the double standard. Burgeoning gender consciousness in Jewish communities of the former Soviet Union. Wendy Wasserstein’s opera.

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The Kiev Connection

by Rachel Blustain

Women West and East are bringing gender consciousness to the emerging democracies—and the Jewish communities—of the former Soviet Union. Project Kesher creates a hands-across-the-sea sisterhood.

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A special section

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Will She Be the First Orthodox Woman Rabbi?

by Haviva Ner-David

As the author stakes out the landmarks on her path toward the Orthodox rabbinate (a clue: wearing tefillin is one of them), she comes to terms with the trappings of male orthodox observance... Read a preview of her book, Life on the Fringes.

Are Our Home Lives Liberated Yet?

Approaching the millennium, we wondered, how far has feminism reached? How do our intimate relations look when seen through a gender lens? A gathering of witty women--Rabbi Susan Fendrick, Deborah B. Goldber, Ophira Edut and Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman-- open their doors and their hearts for our inspection.

Sara Shandler Speaks

interview by Susannah Jaffe and Sarah Blustain

Sara Shandler, author of the best-selling Ophelia Speaks, reveals the darker side of American teenhood.

How Najeeb are You?

by Pegah Hendizadeh Schiffman

Iranian-American Pegah Hendizadeh Schiffman explores the double life of Persian Jewish girls in the U.S. as they balance between parental expectations of purity and their own modern passions.

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by Alison Seevak

Words of wisdom- and irritation- from that eternal source.

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