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In this issue: Why did Golda Meir leave us a legacy of Zionism without feminism? The politics behind the Conservative movement’s endless debate over ordaining women rabbis. Cynthia Ozick argues brilliantly for women’s rights in Judaism. A vindication! Time to explore how I.B. Singer’s adored work is soaked through with misogyny.

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The Politics of Women’s Ordination

by Reena Sigman Friedman

A mere 50—-mostly male—-members of the Jewish Theological Seminary Senate have been empowered to make a decision in January that will profoundly affect Jewry: whether to ordain women as Conservative rabbis. Lilith's News Editor reports on the debate in the Conservative movement on this controversial issue.

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Golda’s Ambiguous Legacy

by Pnina Lahav

Why did this extraordinary woman leave us a legacy of Zionism without Feminism when she herself suffered discrimination as a woman and struggled mightily against stereotyped gender roles "to be a person?"

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Notes Toward Finding the Right Question

by Cynthia Ozick

What is the real nature of the "Woman Question" in Judaism? In exploring this issue, the author excavates layer upon layer of questions, sifts through the evidence, and continues to dig deeper until she reveals the heart of the matter. A special pull-out section.

I. B. Singers Misogyny

by Evelyn Torton Beck

The Nobel Prizewinner’s work is not only a distortion of the reality of East European Jewish life generally, but is also permeated with a pernicious view of women as insatiable sexual predators.

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