In this issue: Abortion politics, and understanding why Jews and Christians will differ. Family secrets, an old photograph, and a hidden sister with developmental disability.  In fiction, a Moroccan Jewish girl 170 years ago becomes a martyr to Jews, Muslims and Christians. The wives of those “great men” writers speak out at last.

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Is Abortion Murder?

by Leila Bronner

As Promise Keepers cast their political opposition to abortion in religious terms, a biblical scholar offers us texts which help us understand the theological differences between Christians and Jews.

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Watch This Woman!

by Carole Glickfeld

Seattle’s battle-hardened Deborah Senn fights for the rights of domestic violence survivors, Holocaust survivors and others, transforming her agency from lapdog to watchdog. Now some national politicos are watching her.

Two Lesbian Women and Their Pretty Straight Wedding

by Susan Sapiro

The title almost says it all, but read the whole story to see the ceremony they created and to hear what the Orthodox zayde said at the dinner.

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Family Secrets

by Mona Komberg

Did your Jewish family once have a retarded relative hidden away? An old photograph holds new revelations about the author’s long-dead sister.

Suleika and Me

fiction by Ruth Knafo Setton

A Moroccan Jewish girl, assassinated in Fez 170 years ago, becomes a martyr to Muslims, Jews and Christians too.

Fin-de-Siècle Feminist Food Culture

by Diane Cole

Women take the spotlight as caretakers of a vital part of Jewish life.

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Yay! Now We Can Sing ‘Em!

by Susan Schnur

Newly created settings for Marcia Falk’s new, feminist blessings and prayers help us use this awesome liturgy in the fullness of spirit it deserves.

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