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In this issue: Challenging your silent father to intimacy: a special section on fathers and daughters. Manic depression, why our families try to hide it and why Jewish women may be more at risk. Our former interns dish about life after Lilith.  Jewish latency: why do Jewish connections go underground for Jews in their 20s? An unusual new project engages them.

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by Sarah Blustain

A feminist? A Jew? A mother? A professional? We asked our former interns (aged 23 to 40) to talk about Life after LILITH, what happens to the identity puzzle when “none of the edges match.”

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Jewish Daughters and Fathers

by Susan Schnur

From Silence to Speech

  • Tetiev, My Dad, and Cyberspace by Gail Todd
  • Prayer Making poetry by Shari Berkowitz
  • Finally “I Love You” by Sarah Cooper
  • A Feygele Zingt [A Daughter Sings] by Faye Kellerstein
  • Lot's Daughters Reveal It Was Child Abuse poetry by Susan Gross
  • Grandfather's Voice poetry by Marcella Fleischman Pixley
  • Empty Lots poetry by Cassandra Sagan Bell
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Manic Depression and Jews

by Terese Loeb Kreuzer

Why Jewish families are so desperate to hide it, and why women may be more at risk.

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The Buzz From the Children’s Library

by Susan Schnur

We asked child-reviewers what they thought about this year’s crop of “girl books” and others; then we asked their parents to explain.

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Jewish Latency

by Susan Weidman Schneider

In the years between college and careers, childhood and childbearing, 20-something Jews are slipping through the cracks—-and no one seems to care. Here’s how to help them hang on.

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Feminist Scholarship.New

by Susan Sapiro

Launching our new column on the latest feminist academic advances are quick takes on what "gay" means to Israeli life, the gender of literature and other juicy items from the hallowed halls.

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