In this issue: A pilgrimage that features women: Lilith provides a walking tour to the doors of 16 important Jewish women in Jerusalem. A Muslim woman re-imagines Hagar and Sarah’s lives;  her reaction to female genital mutilation.  How Sophie Tucker robust sexuality liberated audience’s imaginations. Single-sex schools: how well do they serve girls?

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Sex-Segregated Schools

by Sarah Blustain

Paradoxically, just as the most progressive Jewish schools are more committed than ever to coeducation, there’s a push (based on the work of Carol Gilligan and others) to create all-girls public schools. What’s the risk?

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Magid: The Telling

by Bonnie Theiner

“Ich Bin a Yid.” What Grandpa told Pharaoh in 1945, and how a tape recorder transformed his story into sacred text last Passover. You can do it too.

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Separated at Birth

poetry by Andrea Adam Brott

Let Us Now Praise Famous Women

by Dorothy Gitter Harman and Nitza Brown Rosovsky

Here we beat a path to the doors of 16 important Jewish women. There are plenty of pilgrimages to the Holy Land, but none that focus on females—-until now! And, in celebration, Rabbi Susan Schnur sacralizes our tour with an update of “Woman of Valor.”

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The Woman with Israel in her Head

poetry by Netta Blatt

“She is in bed with the juice from a cyprus tree . . . She is in bed with a country,” writes Blatt in her love poem to Israel.

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My Muslim Ancestor Hagar

by Azizah Y. Al-Hibri

Jewish women aren’t the only ones writing feminist midrash. Here, a Muslim woman beautifully re-imagines Hagar’s life (and Sarah’s). Plus . . . the Qur’anic etiology of female genital mutilation and the author’s response: revulsion.

So Big and Ugly

by Joyce Antler

Critics called the vaudevillian “big, gawky, entirely lacking in ‘allure,’” but Tucker’s robust sexuality—-her “red-hot mama” persona—-liberated audiences’ imaginations.

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