In this issue: Hair is far from trivial: a special section on wigs, upsherin, self-definition, minorities, Jewish law, and what is means to have Jewish hair.  A rediscovery of two of our matriarchs, Zilpha and Bilha.  What the Book of Genesis leaves out: two biblical sisters who yearn for each other.

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The Shaytl & Susan B. Anthony

by Irene Glassgold

In which the author’s mother contemplates casting off her traditional wig. Hair and subjugation.

Gender-Bending and an Ancient Jewish Custom

by M. Gary Neuman

Upsherin, a traditional haircutting ceremony for ultra-religious little boys, provokes feminist questions. Hair and ritual.

“As an Adopted Child, All I Wanted was Real Jewish Hair”

by Susan Schnur

Randy Milden, an adopted daughter, struggles with hair that "couldn’t possibly be Jewish." Hair and difference.

Blond Braids at Auschwitz

by Livia E. Bitton Jackson

Having her hair cut off as she enters the concentration camp has a curious effect—-the burden of individuality is lifted. Hair, shaved.

Hair Apparent: Considering Ultra-Orthodoxy at 17

by Susan Schnur

Susan Josephs, as a 17-year old, considers and rejects ultra-Orthodoxy because of—hair! Hair and self-definition.

Hair and Desire

A gleaning of poems by Yehuda Amichai, Nancy Botter, Siv Cedaring Fox, Sharon Olds, Layle Silber and Maxine Silverman

  • Braids poetry by Layle Silbert
  • Hair poetry by Maxine Silverman
  • Ballad of the Washed Hair poetry by Yehuda Amichai
  • Brushing Out My Daughter's Hair poetry by Sharon Olds
  • Dead Women poetry by Siv Cedering Fox
  • I'm Letting it Grow poetry by Nancy Blotter

Hair, O Israel: Jewish Wig Laws

by Susan Schnur

Scholar Haviva Krasner-Davidson helps us tease apart the tangled strands of Jewish law concerning women's hair. Hair and the Rabbis.

Trans-gressive Hair: The Last Frontier

by Susan Schnur

Jennifer Miller's courage t be herself, facial hair and all, constructs for us a whole new way of understanding otherness, and ourselves too. Hair: The last frontier.

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Two Monologues

by Zeise Wild Wolf

In this story--one of Lilith's occasional features one role models--a pair of biblical sisters yearn for each other. Here's what the Book of Genesis leaves out!

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Four Matriarchs? Make that Six

by Rabbi Susan Schnur

A rediscovery of two of our "pink collar" foremothers

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Running the Numbers

by Susan Weidman Schneider

Lilith's back page presents a sampling of current statistics. Crunch on these numbers and decide whether to use them as weapons or as tools for change.

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