In this issue: Lilith puts together statistics about Jewish women and breast cancer to ask: how risky is it to be Jewish? Three women discuss loneliness in a world that is both feminist and Orthodox.  A refugee experiences solitude 50 years after immigrating as she goes through widowhood. Two dancers live their dreams and remember that Judaism and dance have common grounds.

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Interpreting Jewish Dreams

by Susan Rothbaum

Do your dreams ever have Jewish content? Our author shows how she takes her "Jewish" dreams seriously, and how you can too.

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Breast Cancer

by Yael Green

Epidemiologists look at breast cancer; Jewish demographers look at statistics about Jewish women... but who’s putting both sets of facts together? Only LILITH.

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Orthodox Feminists

Psychologist Robin Zeiger discovers that, unlike feminists who are lesbian, disabled or Reform, being Orthodox is politically incorrect. Beyond the fringe: writer Haviva Krasner-Davidson desperately seeks other women t’fillin wearers. Single Ortho woman, Sally Berkovic, on Upper West Side seeks nice non-Jewish guy for purposes of conversion, matrimony and observant living happily ever after.

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My Mother’s Secret Drawer

by Gloria Goldreich

After the funeral, Mama’s four daughters meet to open her secret drawer, excavating layers of her life: Mama’s first public library cards, letters home from camp, maps to family gravesites. One daughter takes home Mama’s white silk scarf—she’ll never wear it, but she’ll sniff it now and then, searching out the mother scent.

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An Immigrant Again…

by Rachel Josefowitz Siegel

As she goes through the phases of widowhood, this feminist therapist suddenly realizes that she can learn a great deal from an unexpected source: her childhood refugee self!

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Dena Kinstlinger Shabbos in the Corps de Ballet

by Yona Zeldis McDonough

Unexpectedly, Judaism and dance turn out to have common ground. "Ballet and religious observance both require discipline," City Ballet star Dena Kinstlinger notes. "I learned about one from the other." Ceremonial choreographer Fanchon Shur uses dance as a powerful engine driving Jewish ritual.

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Fanchon Shur Ceremonial Warrior

Two dancers who are living their dreams

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Profiles Talent Bank

by Susan Weidman Schneider

Two dancers who are living their dreams Come meet three LILITH readers—feminist educators—-from among the over 200 women, experts in various fields, who are already part of the LILITH Jewish Women’s Talent Bank.

Passover: The Four Girls Within Us

by Ruth Berger Goldston

A clip-and-save addition to the Seder—a different take on being wise, wicked, simple and speechless.

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