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In this issue: Nostalgia vs. Politics: Lilith discusses what to do when you inherit hand-me-down furs and mink. Susan Weidman Schneider discusses women’s charity and what Jewish fundraising will learn from feminist philanthropy. Using the same emotional strategies as their parents used to survive the Holocaust, daughters learn how to survive incest and rape.

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Jewish Women’s Philanthropy

by Susan Weidman Schneider

We earn money, inherit it, manage it, write out own checks to the UJA, and influence our spouse’s charitable gifts, too, yet women’s charity has been startlingly undervalued. Why? Is it because Jewish women give money away differently from men? Find out what Jewish fundraising will soon learn from the new wave of feminist philanthropy.

Inheriting Fur

UH-OH! What to do when you inherit Grandma’s fox wrap?!? A sampling of memories triggered by hand-me-down furs; a life lesson on finding a happy home for a fur coat you can’t stand to keep; and an artisan who will make a teddy bear for the baby out of Bubbe’s mink (you gotta read it to believe it).

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Incest/Holocaust Parallels

Using the same emotional strategies that their parents used to survive the Holocaust, these daughters from two different families now learn how to survive incest. 

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Listening to Myself on My Daughter’s Message Machine

poetry by Betty Buchsbaum

On my daughter's message machine

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