In this issue: For women in the Israeli army, sexual harassment, depression, and ingenue/hero marriages. A campus queen struggles to understand the immigrant grandmother who raised her. The circumcision panic of a new father. Sephardic and Ashkenazi cultures clash in the kitchen. Vashti, the Purim tale’s anti-heroine, as a gay guy’s role model.

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poetry by Susan Charles Groth

Sisters unite: the revenge of Vashti and Esther!

His Army Her Army

by Gail Hareven

What happens to women’s worldview when their bosses have more power and less education than they do? A Tel Aviv journalist describes a military system that fosters sexual harassment by men, depression in women, and doomed, ingenue/hero marriages for both.

Homecoming Queen

by Marlene Roberts

Waving stupidly from the back of a flatbed truck at half-time leads a 1950s co-ed to a new understanding of the immigrant grandmother who raised her.

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by David Kotzen-Reich

Bris anxiety? All the feelings you’ve ever had against this practice will surface again as this father describes his struggles over whether or not to circumcise a first-born son.

“Santa Kloz Hot Gekhalesht”

by Susan Schnur

An extraordinary piece of agitprop puppet theater by Jenny Romaine adapted from a 1930's, Yiddish Marxist primer. Romaine's toy theater of Terror As Usual will mesmerize you.

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The Doctor’s Plot of 1953

by Natalya Rapoport

When Stalin declared that "killer doctors" were deliberately poisoning and infecting the country’s leaders, prominent physicians, mostly Jewish, were rounded up and murdered or exiled. Natalya Rapaport, now a scientist herself, is the daughter of the only survivor of the notorious "doctors’ plot." Here she describes her excruciating ordeal as a 14-year-old who waits for her other parent to disappear, too.

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East/West Culture Clash

by Gloria L Kirchheimer

Is crossover eating disloyal? Nibble on and see.

And Vashti Refused: A Gay Man Find a Biblical Role Model

by Gary David Com stock

A gay man finds a role model in the anti-heroine of the Purim story.

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