In this issue: Five happy zealots changing the world: Stephanie Held, Rabbi Dayle Friedman, Sarah Kreimer, Adrienne Cooper and Jacky Turchick. Marcia Falk’s sexy new feminist translation of Song of Songs. Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz on being a therapist with Jewish clients. Depression-era microfinance: Jewish women’s loan societies.

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Are you a Therapist with a Jewish Client? Read on…

by Melanie Kaye/Kantrowitz

Body And Soul

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Five Women who Shake the World

by Maria Stieglitz

Meet five happy zealots—women who have defied conventional expectations about jobs and careers. They help AIDS babies, re-think life in a nursing home, rescue political refugees from Central American, bring Yiddish music to the masses and create new ways for Jews and Arabs t connect in Israel….

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A Wedding in Persia

fiction by Gina Barkhordar Nahai

A turn-of-the-century Jewish wedding in Persia is lush with ritual, intrigue and passion.

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Sexy Lyrics from the Bible

poetry by Marcia Falk

The noted poet gives s a radical new translation of Song of Songs, a view of these verses that, at last, a feminist can live with.

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Spring Break. Budapest. Daughter vs. Dad

by Estelle White

A college student returns to Hungary with her father, a Holocaust survivor, and tries to remember where their anger began.

The Foods of Mother Russia

What the new wave of Russian immigrants may miss—cold borscht and unusual memories –is recreated here.

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Buying Chickens, Paying Bills: Jewish Women’s Loan Societies

by Shelly Tenenbaum

Buying chickens/paying bills? The tale of Jewish women’s loan societies and how they empowered women during the Depression. Find out where they got their money and how they gave credit to their sisters.

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