In this issue: How filmmaker Gila Almagor emerges from her Holocaust survivor mother’s troubled past. The hidden dynamics of I.B. Singer’s literary family, followed by an autobiographical short story by the neglected sister. Why 12-step “recovery” programs fail women.

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Nancy at 44

by Nancy Helman Shneiderman

Our correspondent, Nancy Helman Schneiderman, searches for a way to register an involuntary change: how to mark her hysterectomy.

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Esther Singer Kreitman

by Clive Sinclair

An uncommon glimpse into sibling politics and the hidden dynamics of Eastern Europe’s famous literary family. Shy don’t we know about the sister?

The New World

by Esther Singer Kreitman translated from the Yiddish by Barbara Harshav

An eerily autobiographical short story about a newborn daughter—an infant whose realities fail to live up to her own prenatal expectations


by Susan Shapiro

"Mom, I met a new man." The unexpurgated account of a single Jewish female's phone conversation with a mother who grows up too.

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12 Stepping It: Women’s Roads to Recovery

"Recovery" literature and 12-Step heal-what-ails-you programs are keeping booksellers in business. But how well do they serve women when they encourage dependency instead of empowerment?

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Turing Life Into Art

Three Artists Reveal Themselves in Their Work: Ruth Weisberg, Nancy Grossman, Kathryn Jacoby

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Gila Almagor

by Masha Leon

Israeli film star wrestles with her mother's demonic past

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My Mayflower Moms: Sarah, Rebecca, Bella

by Julia Wood Kramer

Whose roots? Mayflower WASP Julia Wood Kramer tells what she’s learned about herself while tracing her Jewish husband’s family tree.

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