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In this issue: Lilith discusses the emergence of feminists into Jewish scholarship and how their terrain is different. Sara Nelson talks about her work as an AIDS volunteer.  June Barsky rethinks the Pollard and Rosenberg spy cases from a feminist viewpoint. Ruth Mason’s tribute to a Bukharian mother’s cooking.

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Jewish Feminist Scholarship Comes of Age

by Vanessa Ochs

The long awaited emergence of women into every significant field of Jewish scholarship has arrived. Ochs maps out the new terrain they explore.

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Memoir of an AIDS Volunteer

by Sara Nelson

An AIDS educator talks about her pain, her motives, her mother’s reaction and what she tells men she dates

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In the Russian Gymnasia

by Manya Prozanskaya Lackow

An excerpt from a magnificent, not-yet-published memoir. This section details the shocks and pleasures that awaited Malka P. when she tried to transform herself from a Yiddish-speaking shtetl child into an urbane Russian schoolgirl in the early 1900’s.

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Instructions for the Birthing team

by Sheila Stanger

What do religiously observant couples face during childbirth? Stanger tells how to respect differences in the delivery room. PLUS...an Akkadian prayer for birth translated by Tikva Frymer-Kensky

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The Sages Say… “A Hollowed-Out Etrog a Sheep Gut Lubricated with Honey, Plenty of Sex…”

by Gila Berkowitz

Superstition, Jewish law and medical facts all merge in the traditional view of reproduction and parturition



by Ruth Mason

My mother's affectional currency was not so much hugs and kisses as it was food. Cooking and eating were central aspects of our Southern California Bukharian Jewish...

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Yahrzeit Candle

poetry by Linda Pastan

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Hide and Seek

poetry by Dahlia Ravikovitch translated by Chana Bloch and Ariel Bloch

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The Wives Take the Heat

by June Barsky

Aside from the political parallels--and differences--between this century’s two most famous "Jewish" spy cases, Barsky examines the unexplored sexism in prosecutors and victims alike.

Saying Goodbye to Friends: A Ritual for Today from the Bar Kochba Caves

by Jane Litman

From our "usable past" comes the notion that little bags of treasures can ease life's transitional moments

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