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In this issue: Elizabeth Holtzman and others on why they’re in politics. A child survivor of the Holocaust remakes the doll the Nazis took…and then dolls wearing restrictive clothing forced on Jewish women through the ages. Mothering a severely autistic daughter. Adult bat mitzvah brings a revolution. No parents? The resilience of a girl whose father left her in an orphanage.

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At the Center of the Storm: Jewish Women in Politics Talk about the Issues

by Miriam Arond

What draws Jewish women into politics? And how can they raise the money to win? Plus a list of what needs to be done right now on the issues we care about.

Badges of Shame

by Susan Schnur

The remarkable authentic dolls of Trudie Strobel tell the story of Jewish women’s restrictive clothing through the ages; Susan Schnur tells Strobel’s story--of healing.

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We’ll Never Read The Bible The Same Way Again

by Alicia Ostriker

A chilling look at Biblical figures via three new midrashim, or moral tales.

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A Childhood without Parents

by Edna Manes

The sorrows, dislocations and unexpected sources of strength in a girl whose father leaves her in an orphanage 

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Naches of a Different Sort: Raising an Autistic Child

by Rachelle Namak

The mother of an autistic daughter adjusts her expectations of naches.

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