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In this issue: Lilith discusses the emergence of feminists into Jewish scholarship and how their terrain is different. Sara Nelson talks about her work as an AIDS volunteer. June Barsky rethinks the Pollard and Rosenberg spy cases from a feminist viewpoint. Ruth Mason’s tribute to a Bukharian mother’s cooking.

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Our True Legacy: Radical Jewish Women in America

by Janet Zandy

Finding role models—-from the turn of the century to last week—-in Jewish women who have tried to change the world.

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poetry by Adrienne Rich

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The Rituals of Death

by Betsy Kaplan

A group of women take on the ritual responsibilities of preparing women’s bodies for burial according to Jewish law and custom. Why, what they did, and how the experience changed them.

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A Weary Optimist on Peace Dialogues

by Lilly Rivlin

Warily and wearily, a Jerusalem-born American Zionist reveals the details of a decade of one-on-one dialogue with Palestinian, Egyptian, and other Arab women.

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The New Power of Palestinian Women

by Reena Bernards

More than twenty years of occupation and a year of the uprising in Israel have helped the women of the West Bank shake off some patriarchal yokes even as they are trying to shake loose politically.


by Michele Bograd

When a feminist psychotherapist faces her own Jewish identity as she treats Jewish patients.

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In Grandma’s House

by Toby Joan Rosenstrauch

The secret cupboards and crannies—-and the secret habits—-that exert their magical pull on every visit.

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