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In this issue: A ceremony for getting that first period. Nine political issues for the 1990s. Sacred moments revealed by Debbie Friedman, Fran Liebowitz, and more. Journeying to Buddhism and back. A twentysomething American confronts feminism and Judaism at Dachau. Liturgist Marcia Falk on how she makes prayers.

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9 Issues for the 90s

by Sara Nelson

How should Jewish women be investing their political energies to shape the decade to come? Find out here.

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An Interview with Marcia Falk

by Susan Schnur

Poet and liturgist Falk talks about why she needed to rewrite the prayers we take for granted.

Turning 12: A Menarche Ceremony

by Judith Chalmer and Fran Solin

A woman’s group celebrates a daughter’s menarche.

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Becoming A Crone: Ceremony At 60

by Marcia Cohn Spiegel and friends

Giving the "crone" back her good name 

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Sharing Sacred Moments

A group of women--share their spiritual highs. Plus, a prayer from their 18th century counterpart, unearthed by Nina Beth Cardin.

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To Buddhism and Back

by Ilene Serlin

After years of search, a Jewish woman finally finds home.

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A Letter to Harvey Milk

fiction by Leslea Newman

for Harvey Milk 1930-1978

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A Feminists Confronts her Identity in Germany

by Alice Ginsberg

At Dachau, a young American feminist confronts her conflicts.

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