In this issue: How 10 very different Jewish women changed their lives because of feminism. Why the United Jewish Appeal’s men-only Young Leadership Cabinet argues over opening its doors to women. Psychologist Phyllis Chesler on what makes women crazy. Having a girl? A new ceremony for welcoming a newborn Jewish daughter.

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Ten Women Tell… The Ways We Are

Ten Jewish women, differing in age, background and lifestyle, respond to the question—What choices and changes have you made to live your life as a Jewish feminist?

The Locked Cabinet

by Amy Stone

The United Jewish Appeal’s men-only Young Leadership Cabinet decides whether to admit women.

Ceremonial Welcoming for a Newborn Jewish Daughter

by Sharon and Michael Strassfeld

Life lessons from the mythological Lilith. Betty Friedan on her feminine mystique & being Jewish. Those thorny Jewish women's organizations.

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An Exclusive Interview With Dr. Phyllis Chesler

by Aviva Cantor Zuckoff

The feminist theoretician, psychologist and author of Women and Madness talks with Aviva Cantor Zuckoff about how powerless and dependent Jewish women in America and Israel are... anti-Semitism.. how feminists deal with God and patriarchy... the way the Jewish family has not saved the Jews... Israel as a model for feminism…and much more...

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The Passion of Lilith

by Pamela Hadas

Lilith Magazine previews a book-length poem offering a whole new mythology for Jewish women.

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Beating Patriarchy At Its Own Game

by Mary Cahn Schwartz

The only weapons Rebekah, our powerless foremother, had were manipulation, deceit—and a determination to win for her son. With "Who Are Our Models" by Gloria Och.

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Electra the Maccabee

by Elizabeth Levy and Aviva Cantor Zuckoff

At last! In a field dominated by stereotyped sex roles, a Jewish kids’ story with a girl for a hero. In the town and the time of the Maccabees, Electra shows her family what it means to be Jewish.

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For My Son, Jonathan

poetry by Roni Natov

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