Struggling? Juggling? Career women try to balance our multiple roles. The “new” infertility and why some women feel they’ve made wrong choices. Seeds of conflict: Sarah vs. Hagar in the Bible. “God of Vengeance”—the Roaring 20s Yiddish lesbian play that rocked Broadway!

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Struggling? Juggling? Trying to Integrate our Multiple Roles

by Amy Stone

What the Jewish career woman has to contend with, and how the community (to say nothing of her significant others) can make it better. A report on the recent Lilith /American Jewish Committee survey by Dr. Rela Geffen Monson, plus six close-ups of working women.

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Yiddish Lesbian Play Rocks Broadway

by Kaier Curtin

The Roaring 20’s lesbian play that rocked Broadway came from the pen of Yiddish writer Sholom Asch.

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Making Music for Women Only

by Chana Shloush

Orthodox women who believe that a man is forbidden to hear a woman sing say "No Men Allowed" at their increasingly popular performances.

The New Infertility

  • Wanting Babies by Shirley Frank
  • Getting Babies by Penina and Steve Adelman
  • Getting Babies by Michael Gold
  • Making Babies by Sara Nelson
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Seeds of Conflict: Sarah and Hagar

fiction by Marjorie Hirshan

The Biblical women who created the historical rivalries of two religious traditions.

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  • Esther Cohen on “Shimoni's Lover,” “Winter in Jerusalem,” “Jerusalem, Jerusalem,” and “Enemy in the Promised Land:

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