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Using sperm from a man you know? Here’s how other women decided. Intrepid Israeli mom checks out the army for her daughter. Meet Linda McCartney: Jewish, and just as cool as Yoko. Leah Lax moves into—and out of—Lubavitch life. Women in Big Real Estate crack that steel ceiling. Coveting thy neighbor’s food.

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Sweet Charity

Michele Merens

A short story 

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The Courtship of the Known Donor

Ilana Kramer

With borrowed sperm, creating a modern family

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Acharai! [Follow Me!]

Judy Labensohn

A mother's day in the Israeli army

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Real Estate Wasn’t Genteel for Daughters

Alice Sparberg Alexiou

"I don't compete with the big boys."

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One Woman’s Resumé

Leah Lax

Age 5: Can shake out enough pills for Mama

Age 18: Can say yes to a man I don't know

Age 34: Can understand that this 8th pregnancy will kill me

Age 45: Can kayak over rapids, grateful to have survived my stupidity

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Linda McCartney, Another Tough Woman

Nell Beram

Jewish, and just as cool as Yoko

Samuel Bak, Continuous Prayer, 2001, oil on canvasSubscriber Exclusive

Strange Comfort

Carol Dine, as told to Susan Schnur

Turning to Holocaust art for survival of a different kind

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Excuse Me: Coveting Thy Neighbor’s Food

Liana Finck

A response to tiny maddening things

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Subscriber Exclusive