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Winter/Spring 1985/5745


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Of Chilblains and Rotten Rutabagas

by Marge Piercy

A chapter from a novel-in-progress set mainly during World War II, by the author of Small Changes, Braided Lives and Vida.

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Malka the Fat Girl and Coming Back to Middlebury

by Sandi Wisenberg/ Lyn Lifshin

A shtetl girl’s struggle to find self-worth in a family and a tradition that both reject her.

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Deeds of Love and Rage

by Marsha Lee Berkman

In the fallout from the parents’ ruptured marriage, a mother and daughter preparing for Shabbat discover that their relationship too has been altered.

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The Miracle of Dora Wakin’s Art

by Norma Rosen

Unexpected consequences when a maturing artist turns from universal to Jewish themes.

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From Mame-Loshn/ Mother Tongue

poetry by Irena Klepfisz

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The Free Thinkers

by Layle Silbert

The amateur marriage-brokers don’t know what they’re up against when they plot a match for Ida.

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Yosepha and Bas Mitzvah

by Nora Gold / Suzanne Bernhardt

Parental favoritism, sibling rivalry and revenge—-the stuff of Biblical legends—-in a farm family in modern Israel.

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The Messenger

by Myra Sklarew

"All Jews are responsible for one another"—but how do we define the boundaries between responsibility and guilt?

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Rivkah the Whore, The Spring After

poetry by Yael Mesinai

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Cherries From the War

poetry by Sharon Neemani

Bima – Torah as the Matrix for Feminism

by Cynthia Ozick

An entirely new way to see the links between feminism and Judaism: Lilith's Bima (platform) section.

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