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In this issue: A nice Jewish girl in a man’s body- Joy Ladin’s transgender journey. How 3 sisters grapple with breast cancer in their family. When food and love collide, a couple breaks up over the way they’ll eat. Why Judy Shotten brought sex therapy to Israel. A teen girl moves from an eating disorder to cutting herself, 103 times.

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A Zionist in Spite of Herself

Judy Shotten interviewed by Barbara Gingold

The Canadian-born feminist psychologist - who brought sex therapy to Israel - has been transforming things there since 1949.


What Was a Nice Jewish Girl Like Me Doing in a Man’s Body?

by Joy Ladin

The complicated story of becoming a woman gives a whole new dimension to Rabbi Hillel’s famous creed, “If I am not for myself, who will be for me?”

When Food and Love Collide

by Cynthia Graber

Two kosher-keeping Jews walk into a restaurant… and the true challenges of breaking bread with a partner who has different food rules become painfully apparent.

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In The Beginning There Was This: Fat

by Marni Grossman

A young woman recounts a painful struggle, through adolescence and young adulthood, which is only relieved through disordered eating and then 103 cuts.

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Dear Editor

fiction by Marcia Slatkin

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Three Sisters: Breast Cancer in Our Family

by Sarah Byck

Grappling with the diagnosis, deciding what to do, figuring out how — or whether — to tell the next generation of girls and women that cancer is in their genes.

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Beautiful Girl in the Snow

by Anna Schnur-Fishman

When an infant dies at a Chinese orphanage, an American volunteer manages to commemorate the little life Jewishly

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