In this issue: Feminist funerals to memorialize people you’ve loved. “In Treatment”— the gender messages in those TV therapy sessions. Race and reconciliation: new fiction from Dara Horn and Jane Lazarre  After reading her father’s death notice, an author revisits his abandonment. Winners of the Charlotte A. Newberger Poetry Prize. Why Justice Rosalie Abella and Ruth Messinger are such powerhouses.

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In Treatment

by Elaine Showalter

What did you miss when you were glued to the TV watching two seasons of a male shrink and his challenging patients? Showalter gives you a gender lens through which to view this hit HBO series.

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How To Braid Challah

poetry by Claudia Reder

1st Place Winner of the Charlotte A. Newberger Poetry Contest

  • Exodus poetry by Ona Gritz
  • Tailor To The King poetry by Emily Schneider

Feminist Funerals

by Amy Stone

Understanding the existential power of these ultimate rituals, visionary women are now taking control, engaging with traditional practices while creating new ways to mark this final lifecycle event. Baby namings for girls, egalitarian weddings and divorces — these you know. But what makes a good funeral? And why does it matter how you memorialize a woman? Rabbis, funeral directors and feminist icons weigh in on how to revise this ceremonial passage.

My Father’s Reckless Abandonment

by Yona Zeldis Mcdonough

Incommunicado for decades, her writer dad surfaces in a death notice. What fleeing his first family did to the daughter he left behind.

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Gringa Guilt and Housework

by Janice Eidus

Gringa Guilt and Housework

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