In this issue: For Lilith’s 100th issue, readers brainstorm the best Jewish feminist ideas.  Women working in Jewish nonprofts confess what they love, and why they leave.  Switchbacks on the road to Judaism: three women navigate through conversion.  Tashlikh, the seasonal ritual for starting over. Cancer Bitch, a memoir. And Susan Schnur interviews Susan Weidman Schneider on Lilith’s first 99 issues. 

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100 Best Jewish Feminist Ideas

Celebrating Lilith’s 100th issue, readers helped us brainstorm some necessary and life-changing concepts. Here are more than 100 of our favorites.

Cancer Bitch

by S.L. Wisenberg

Wisenberg’s known for her fiction. Here, reality, with frank journal entries on hair, her mother, her mastectomy camisole, and the secret behind nervous laughter.

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A Modicum of Grace (For Grace Paley)

poetry by Lois Roisman

Newberger Poetry Prize winner.

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fiction by Michele Merens

An Unquiet Revolution at the Water Cooler

by Susan Weidman Schneider

Eight women in their 20s and 30s dish about their jobs in the Jewish nonprofit world. Turns out they were totally primed to tell the truth about why they might not stay, and what they want in the rest of their lives. Plus seven steps to making things better, from Shifra Bronznick and Didi Goldenhar.

A Trek from Catholicism

by Marian Nash

When your mother’s a devout Catholic and your father died a baptized Jew, crafting an identity that fits can be rough.

Lake Michigan Tashlikh

by Barbara Stock

Sometimes, you have to grapple with a “starting over” ritual until it does its job.

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by Anne Roiphe

Her new, revealing memoir.

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