Fall 2019 Cover

Three journalists explore #MeToo, the Jewish community, and the ethics of reporting • Breast cancer survivors at 25, 45 and 65 • Jennifer Weiner models female agency in fiction • Period positivity is a surprising celebration of hormones • Ann Arbor as a memory trigger • Lore Segal on memory and forgetting



Jennifer Weiner: An Opinionated Monarch of Women’s Fiction

Fiction changes minds, so Jennifer Weiner writes scenes of female pleasure in each novel. 

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#MeToo Right Now

Lilith investigates, two years in.


When Life Imitates Your Own Art

Ellen Meeropol

An ardent Sixties change-agent returning to the University of Michigan is stunned to find the experience recapitulates one of her own novels.

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The Closer You Get, The Farther You Are

Nessa Rapoport

This feminist, observant Jew is still searching for holiness in community — and a locus for her fullest self. 

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Period Positivity

Susan Weidman Schneider and Sarah Seltzer