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May 22, 2018 by

News From Lilith: An Emerging Writer’s Program and a New Digital Editor

New York, NY — Lilith Magazine has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Jewish Women’s Fund of Atlanta to support emerging feminist writers. The timing makes the grant particularly significant, as the reverberations of the #MeToo movement in Jewish communities and in the media world underscore the importance of amplifying more women’s voices and perspectives.

Lilith—independent, Jewish & frankly feminist—is marking its 42nd year of fearless publishing as the feminist change-agent in and for the Jewish community, amplifying Jewish women’s voices, creating a more inclusive Judaism, spurring gender consciousness in the Jewish world and empowering Jewish feminists of all genders to envision and enact change in their own lives and their communities.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with JWFA to launch this needed program,” says Susan Weidman Schneider Lilith’s editor in chief and one of the magazine’s founding mothers. “Emerging Jewish feminist writers need good editing, mentoring, and a platform for their unique voices. Lilith’s goal is to provide all three.”



The Lilith Blog

December 4, 2014 by

Finally: Relief from GivingTuesday Emails

SUPPORTERS-artYou’ve been bombarded with GivingTuesday emails. We know. 

At this point, they’ve all started to look the same. In fact, you haven’t opened one all week.

We get it.

And we won’t bore you with more of the same. Instead, we offer you Lilith’s guide to Giving Tuesday: a selection of articles to help you think about how to give, what to give, and to whom you should give.

A ninth-grader derives tzedakah lessons as she sorts through her family’s philanthropy.
Susan Weidman Schneider on learning value from a New Orleans street performer.
Why is women’s charity undervalued in the Jewish community? Is it because women tend to give differently than men?

Feminist Philanthropy
Female philanthropists are putting their tzedakah right where their personal politics are. 
Philanthropy Begins at Home

What if you’re Jewish and you don’t have any money to speak of?

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The Lilith Blog

August 13, 2013 by

Meet Amira Dotan!

Amira Dotan is a former Knesset member and the first woman to attain the rank of brigadier general in the Israeli Defense Forces, where she served from 1965-88. She is the founder and joint CEO of the Mediation Center at Neve Tzedek, serves on corporate boards, and is a trustee of several of Israel’s academic institutions. She is currently involved in fascinating work with various populations in the Negev. General Dotan shares with Susan Weidman Schneider of Lilith and Rabbi Julie Schonfeld of the Conservative Rabbinical Assembly the honor of being named recently as a Thomson Fellow.

Last week, Amira Dotan addressed a breakfast meeting hosted by Lilith and the Rabbinical Assembly to talk about women’s roles in many sectors of Israeli society today.

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