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The Sisterhood blog

August 20, 2009 by

News from The Sisterhood

The Lilith blog and the Forward’s new blog for women, The Sisterhood, will be cross-posting exciting new posts from the world(s) of Jewish women. Stay tuned for more!

This week on the Forward’s Sisterhood blog:

• In Geula, an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Jerusalem, women and men are being asked to walk on separate sides of the street — an idea that Debra Nussbaum Cohen says is emblematic of “the growing extremism in the form of misogyny of the far-right edge of Orthodox Judaism.”
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• Deborah Kolben, pregnant with her first child, finds meaning in declining circumcision rates.
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• Chris Rock’s forthcoming documentary, “Good Hair,” looks at the lengths black women are willing to go to style their tresses — and Sarah Seltzer draws parallels to “the politics of straightness surrounding Jewish women’s hair.”
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• In other hair-related related news, Rebecca Honig Friedman writes about attending a recent upsherin, or traditional hair-cutting ceremony that celebrates a Jewish 3-year-old boy’s ascent from babyhood into childhood.
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