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December 2, 2008 by

You're Invited to View My Photos!!!

I’m invited to view your photos!!!
But maybe, just maybe, I couldn’t care less?
Your swaddled new infant, in pink cap or blue cap
In mom’s arms, then dad’s arms, then still, fast asleep.
I’ve seen it before, far too many times over
First smile! First bottle! First eyes open wide—
Well I can’t be wide-eyed! Your blah blah baby bores me.
I can’t ooh and ahh when you cry “He adores me.”
So thanks for the photos, and sorry to Snap-
Fish around for another to view the whole slide show.
Though I’m sad to miss out on what Baby just did now,
Delete! To the trash! He’s a garbage pail kid now.
The phone rings. It’s you: “Did you look at my beauty?”
I grimace. I pause. I squeal: “Oh what a cutie!”

–Chavatzelet Herzliya

  • Pamela Villars

    Oh, dear, you’ve written about something secret and shameful – and that many of us only whisper about to those we are sure we can trust.

    Thank you.

  • Sydney Lev

    Does the writer believe she’s revealing some previously hushed and shocking truth? What she’s written is just a sad, cynical thing. I’d expect more from Jewish women, whose community lost millions of babies and children to pure hate in the Holocaust. She doesn’t have to adore someone’s child, but she would be well advised to write about something else, or better yet, to write nothing at all.