by Deborah E. Lipstadt

Why Is The Wall Street Journal Now Devaluing Women’s Holocaust Experiences?

A major new anthology has brought together the work of serious scholars of the Holocaust under a “women’s” rubric. In so doing, the book inspired a shockingly anti-feminist attack. Writing in Commentary magazine, Gabriel Schoenfeld accused these scholars of spreading feminist “propaganda,” and commented—gratuitously—that “the general execrableness” of their prose “easily surpasses that of their male colleagues.” In a baffling editorial move, The Wall Street Journal adapted this analysis for its op-ed page, making sure Schoenfeld’s polemic lost none of its scornful, misogynistic fervor. In the following four pages, we offer a clear-headed appraisal of the book and some scholarly responses to the crucial new work of elucidating women’s Holocaust experiences.

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