by Deena Metzger

What Dinah Thought of the Whole Matter is not Recorded

Dinah, daughter of Jacob by Leah, was ravished by Shechem, a Hivite. For that reason, and with the help of a peculiarly low cunning, Simon and Levi, Dinah's own brothers revenged the insult.

In Deena Metzger’s new novel What Dinah Thought, here excerpted, the biblical story of Dinah is retold. In the original, Dinah’s brothers murder her groom on the wedding night because he is not Jewish. In What Dinah Thought, the story is told from the point of view of the homonymic Dina Z., an American Jewish filmmaker who goes to Israel to make a documentary about the people who live on ancient holy ground, to discover how religious history affects them. In falling in love with a Palestinian activist, she reawakens her biblical ancestress. The original Dinah cries out, after centuries of silence, against her fate, against crimes committed in the name of faith, even as her modern sister re-enacts her story.

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