What Can Be Forgiven?


Juggling anger, fear and suffering, can we bring ourselves to ask for forgiveness for our part in society’s ills, forgive those who have committed wrongs against us, and forgive ourselves for missteps we’ve made that haunt us still? Here, personal and political experiences of repair and forgiveness: a woman still feeling their barbs reaches out to her junior-high bullies; another leads an effort to atone for decades-old racist violence; a social worker helps people with addictions without judging their choices, and a rabbi helps define collective responsibility.

What Can Be Forgiven?

The articles in this special section:

Re-Setting the Lunchroom Table

Simone Ellin

Forgiving my bullies meant forgiving myself too.

We’ve Been Waiting for Your Call for 70 Years

Rose Zoltek-Jick

A model for repair: asking for forgiveness.

Stopping Judgment in Its Tracks

Rebecca Halff

Time to re-label “bad choices.”

Our Communal Responsibility

Rabbi Rachel Adler

All share in the guilt when destitute people have no good options.