by Shana Penn

Warsaw Diary: Democracy in the Balance

Jewish feminists rally for tolerance in a post-communist world

During an official Corpus Christi commemoration on June 22 of this year, Cardinal Jozef Glemp, at the helm of the powerful Polish Catholic Church, warned the nation about the world’s evils, especially feminists, “propagators of a new social disorder, [who seek] to kill the unborn, …promote sexual promiscuity and the elimination of marriage, humiliate women.” The Cardinal compared feminists to Nazis, allegations that carry ominous weight in Poland, where the Nazi occupation resulted in six million Polish deaths and the country’s devastation. A backlash against feminism has gained momentum here in recent months, largely because feminist ideas are circulating in the mainstream media. And yes, vigilant feminists flooded the Cardinal’s headquarters and press with protest letters and editorials.

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