Victorious Jewish Moments

Five signal moments wrested from struggle...

“I have always been pleased by my good fortune in being a Jew,” wrote Philip Roth almost 50 years ago. “It’s a complicated, interesting, morally demanding, and very singular experience, and I like that. I find myself in the historic predicament of being Jewish, with all its implications. Who could ask for more?”

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Victorious Jewish Moments

The articles in this special section:

in a corner of the Hebrew school classroom

Sari M. Boren

In fifth grade, resisting a bad lesson plan: is she Jewish or is she American? 

down the crooked path to a daughter’s bat mitzvah

Marty Ross-Dolen

Divorce cleaves a girl’s interfaith family in two. What happens when
the author vows to raise religiously
unconfused children.

in a congregation’s response to attempted murder

Monique Faison Ross

An abusive husband turns violent, and his victim discovers the potency of community.

in owning an abusive biblical text

Pam Crow and Robert A. Lowe

Two friends round up the biblical Hannahs and Elis in their own lives.

at a hard-won seder

Susan Moldaw

Encountering a Holocaust survivor over grapes in the grocery store, Moldaw overcomes her own Passovers from hell.