by Susan Schnur

Too Busy to Read this Article? Save it for Shabbat

Many of us complain about being harried and exhausted but is the truth really that we are terrified of “stopping the world and getting off? Are we afraid of Shabbat? Are we afraid of discovering, in cessation, that we’re depressed? Does our sense of purpose come solely from our accomplishments?

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The 11th Commandment Brought down from Sinai

by Deena Metzger

Amidst the garbage, litter and tourist detritus on the holy mountain, one hiker uncovers an Eleventh Commandment: Respect the Earth. And Malka Drucker offers us one more.

Shabbat Without Shopping Carts

by Nancy Kalikow Maxwell

How Supermom reinvents the day of rest; plus—-clues for how to slow down, from Susan Schnur.